Armalon AL42

The AL42 is an Armalon conversion of an Enfield L42 .308/7.62 sniper rifle to .223 / 5.56 with a new cold hammer forged barrel. Other changes include use of Ruger Mini 14 Mags, controlled feed with positive ejection, an improved optical sight mount and a superb single stage trigger all of which make this an exceptionally fine gun.

Mini 14 Mags

A quick look a the breech. Note the .223 / 5.56 guide in front of the old 308/7.62 one. Only genuine Ruger Mini 14 Mags will work. They also need to be modified by removing the 'hold open' tab on the magazine follower.

The Bolt

The 'cock on open' bolt. This is actually not quite correct as it is only a half cock on open, the rest on close bolt. Cocking is light and very smooth. Although this is a bolt action gun, in my opinion (as in: Don't flame me!), it can keep up with the straightpulls.

Muzzle Brake

Quick look a the muzzle break. Cleaning this is a bit of the nightmare. The muzzle break does have to be removed once in a while to clean the crown.

Using partizan match at a 100 yards a thumbnail group is within the capability of this rifle. I did however decide to make this more of a practical gun and so opted for a Burris BSC20190 Xtreme Tactical 1-4x24 mm Riflescope with the XTR 5.56 Ballistic Reticle. This gives you a red dot at 100 and hold over points right out to a delusional 1000 at X4. Fun shoot Electric Target Range (ETR) at 200 yards prone this set up got 10/10 without effort. Standing 7/10. It outperformed the ARs present at any rate and that was with a short edge.

If I Only Had One Gun

This is an easy gun to shoot. Cocking is a doddle and can be done standing without loosing sight of the target (at x4 anyway). The trigger is firm, without any travel and crisp. Due to the muzzle break recoil is minimal and clean. Downsides are the availability of the ruger mags and the price. New, my setup would break 2k.

If I could only keep one gun, this one would be it. If I could not keep any, I'd hide this one. It performs great, and it is a delight to shoot. It is not some semi automatic castrated to conform to UK law. It's not a sterile, plastic, mass produced bolt action gun which is infinitely replaceable. It's an individual. A British enthusiast's re-interpretation of a classic. It draws attention where ever it goes and if you are ever fortunate enough to own one, you will never want to let it go!

Author Lenny