IOR 7X40 military Binos

I got me set of these on a bit of a whim, I was sick of the twist up eyecups on my other bins. In use they are superb, the optics are extremely bright and clear, there is a slight yellow tinge to the lenses which whilst it means that they don't give absolutely natural replication of colours, they improve contrast in flat and low light.
These are the military vesion chich have an IR detecting lense which is flipped down via small lever on the L/H side and a rangefinding ret in the R/H side. The IR lense just stays out of the way, the RF ret was noticeable at first but now I just look straight through it and don't really notice it.
You never know when you might need to locate a heli landing zone at night do you

Good Optics

I have a pair of simmons pro something or other which are actually pretty good but not in the same league as these. I've compared them in a few conditions and the IOR's are noticeably sharper at distance.
I can't compare them to any real high end bins, the only others I've used have been a pair of canons and they are again sharper at distance.
I don't know how true this is but I read somewhere that porro prims are actually better at transmitting light than roof prisms but that they are no longer fashionable due to being bulkier hence the reason they are no longer used???


Optics aside these binos are ergonmically superb. They sit really nicely in the hands, much nicer I find than roof prism binos which are too narrow for my paws. They initially feel quite hefty but now it's not really noticeable.

The shape of the eyecups works well and elimnates side light. No fannying around with horrible twist up jobbies here. Each eye is adjustable (diopter???) and once set thats it, no focus wheel or other adjustment is necessary. They are focused from about 20ft to infinity. Just pick them up and look at something.

The objective covers just push into place and are attached via a leather strap. Just pop them out and in as required without having to worry where you left them.

There are also a set of amber lenses in the objective covers which screw onto each eye piece. I presume these are for use in harsh/ bright conditions or snow????

At t'other end the eyecups are protected by a single plastic cover which just pulls out of the way and is permanently attached to the original green strap. I have done away with the original strap in favour of a bino caddy as I found it too narrow so have attached the cover to a pair of adjustable straps I've made from an old bino neckstrap.

In Conclusion

In short, for me they are a great pair of very rugged if not too pretty bino's and for around £120ish they seem exceptional value for money. In fact a mate who'd just bought a pair of binos immediately declared they were "superb" and promtly bought some.

Mine are in mint condition with all the lenses being spotless and un marked. I'll wait to see if my mates turn up in the same condition before posting where they came from.

Well worth a look if you are after some bino's and don't want to spend a fortune.

Author David