Lansky De Luxe knife sharpening system

After reading a post on the AirgunBBS a few weeks back I became interested in the American firm Lansky or at least their all in one knife sharpening systems. So phoned a pal and BBS knife Guru those longer lasting BBSers will know instantly who this person is . After going through the various Lanskey products that he can get from America I settled on the Deluxe version of the sharpening system which arrived in a hardwearing red plastic box containing five colour coded sharpening stones from Coarse to a very fine ceramic for finishing the blade off. Plus a small vice like affair that holds the knife in place which is called fairly obviously the knife clamp and angle selector this as it says has the four most commonly used knife blade angles 17, 20, 25, 30 degrees.

Getting the angle right

17, is only recommended for razorblades, X Acto blades and similar scalpel like blades. Which I have used a lot of in the past and always seen as disposable anyway.

20, a commonly used angle for higher grade, quality blades. This turned out ideal to sharpen my Leatherman Charge Ti. My multitool that I use in work for any job from cutting jammed rachet straps in the back of the trailer to trimming electric wire or cutting carboard etc.

25, the recommended angle for most knives that need a durable
sharp edge. Ideal for Hunting and outdoor knives. This I found ideal for my other working blade a little folding Winchester that I use while out hunting.

30, an angle for knives that see the heavy use cutting carpets, wire or heavy duty cardboard.

First sharpen is the deepest

The instructions I found excellent and easy to follow. Printed in 4 languages. But not Sweaty Sock or Welsh and those from the midlands might have problems as well English not being their first Language certainly Dudley and the BLACK Country .

I easily sharpened my little Winchester to a good sharp edge in less than 10 minutes and a similar time for my Leatherman. Due to the precise angles seen in the above photograph no other damage is done or even possible to the blade only the cutting edge comes anywhere near the sharpening stone giving a very precise and even almost professional finish.

Each stone has a hole in the end with a tiny wingnut that holds the giude rod which in turn passes through the chosen angle hole for your particular blade. A bottle of honing oil finishes the package but I'm sure any light oil like gun oil or 3 in 1 will do when the honing oil eventually runs out.

In Conclusion

This I found to be a very easy and enjoyable way to spend 20 minutes while waiting for a trailer to be loaded. It is so simple to use almost foolproof, which is handy for me . Both my working knives were resharpened with ease and now have a very keen edge indeed. No doubt due to the hard usage they get they will need resharpening in a few months, but that'll be no problem now. I will certainly carry this kit in the car or wagon as it all packs down very small so transporting it will be no problem at all. I certainly think it is worth the money I paid although I will not mention a price. If anyone is interested PM me and I'll give you more contact details although most of the longer standing members will already know who the resident knive guru is WHY AY MAN .

Knive sharpening made easy .

Author Gary