Surgeon Nemesis 6.5mm

Finally arrived

Finally got a chance to shoot the 6.5 today at Bisley.

This is a Surgeon action with a CG Trigger, AICS stock and a Lawton 3 groove match grade barrel built by Chris at Anglo Custom Rifles.

The calibre is 6.5mm Nemesis which is his own design I believe. It's basically a necked up 22-250 case that is then fireformed to the chamber.

Pics showing before and after



Fire Forming

The case fattens up considerably, shortens a little and the shoulder take on a more severe angle. Case capacity increases to 50gr of H2o.

The bullet shown in the 2nd pic is a 123gr Sierra Match King loaded extremely long to seat into the lands and force the case back against the bolt. This is for fireforming to ensure everything works as it should. Formed rounds will probably be loaded with a jump to the lands.

Fireforming is acheived with 33gr of Vit N150, velocity was very consistent at around 2480fps.

All Scoped Up

I started off using a Leup Mk4


But after I'd zeroed it with this scope I changed to a Nightforce NXS which I preferred so this stayed on.

Initial zero was a bit off because the scope came off a rifle with a straight rail and the Surgeon has a 20MOA rail as part of the action!

I was shooting a few and then cleaning and the fouling seemed to be mostly carbon after the initial bit of copper. I'll give it a proper clean now I'm home.


Groups were pretty good once I'd got the hang of it, there was an occasional head/side wind which probably accounts for the horizontal stringing and the occasional flyer which was down to me!

The top two are 3 shots groups and the bottom 5 shot

I got a bit better later on but then the wind picked up. 3 shot groups on the top and 5 shot below as before.

I haven't measured them but I'm quite satisfied. It'll be interesting to develop a proper load now I have fireformed cases.

The CG trigger is very good but I will be changing the blade to something a bit straighter - all Anschutz pattern trigger blades fit I believe.

The recoil is very manageble and it even weighs less than my old AI which is always a bonus.

Author Phil Duley