Surgeon 6.5x47 Lapua

Stuart gets a new rifle

Review of the Digital Add On

You will NOT find any NV system sub four figure sum that will compete with the clarity and range...

TAIPAN - Field Test

I decided to replace my tired 6-24x24 Nikko-Sterling Nighteater with a 6-24x56 MTC Taipan with...

MTC TAIPAN The Waiting is Finally Over

Well, the waiting is finally over. MTC's Viper, Mamba and Cobra have now been joined by that...

Helicopter Culling in South Africa

During my last visit to South Africa in 2009 I was very lucky to spend a couple of days...

Book Reviews - Combat in Iraq and Afghanistan

Four books that take you inot the heat of combat.

Howa Varmint .204

It was an exciting day for me as I had waited quite a while to collect my Howa .204.

Saiga 04 (AK103) staight pull Kalashnikov

The AK is an iconic rifle and I'd always wanted one.

Got my first deer

Darren shares his very experience of my deer stalk. It's certainly going to be one of the most...

Surgeon Nemesis 6.5mm

Phil finally gets a chance to shoot the 6.5 Nemesis at Bisley.