Another Black Rifle

Having wanted a full bore AR for ages and found so many choices, Dan finally takes his pick.

Tactical Solutions .22 AR15 Upper

Like many UK shooters, I have been through the rite of passage with a number of Ruger 10/22s,...

Bradley Arms AR15

I used to be in the military and served in Iraq in 2003, not being in the army any more as most...

Book Reviews

Five books to help you hit your quarry and then process it to get the most out of the carcass....

Park Farm Shooting Holiday

After reading an article in one of the airgun magazines I booked a week in June for me and my...

Ultimate Ultra - Gone Shooting

Having seen what the rifle could now achieve in test conditions, it was time to see what it...

The Ultimate Ultra

The BSA Ultra. A quiet, unassuming rifle, that's modestly priced and gets on with the job.

Bring on the strippers

Mike treats his rifle to some 'bling'