RPA interceptor 22/250

Well after having this interceptor 22/250 rpa for a couple of months now its starting to get some use.

the action of the rifle is soild bolt lift is a little heavy but thats down to it having quad lugs from what ive seen on the net about it. its nothing bad you wouldnt really notice in less your in quick fire shooting comps where it then might a problem. as its used for hunting that doesnt bother me.

the trigger is rpa's own two stage match trigger it's adjustable and has a nice large trigger blade which is very nice to use.
the trigger is left at the factory set setting as far as i no and i hear they can be tricky to set up right. ive left it well alone as it seams fine to me a 1.5 lb pull weight.

the barrel the barrel as far as i know is a lothar walther barrel. its 24 inches long and is threaded with a m17x1 spigot thread.
its a satin kind of finish which isnt shinny and looks very good i think. though it is abit marked being secondhand you can expect that i guess.
the barrel cleans very easy indeed a couple of patches and it is coming out clean. unlike the factory barrel on my winchester.

Stock and Bedding

THE STOCK is a roberson interceptor stock
with adjustable cheek piece. it looks a bit bulky but is prob the most comfortable stock ive used and is soild with no flex. the action is bedded into the stock as far as i can tell with out taking it out. the stock is a light grey and abit marked. But in the new year going to get it sprayed in olive matt green. you can adjust the recoil pad to with spacers. or replace it for a
3 way butt plate. it seams ideal as it is so wont mess with it to much.
the rifle also has a ten shot mag same as you see on the accuracy international rifles. it has the front trigger guard which this slots into.
they rattle a little if you shake the mag but doesnt rattle in the field.
it feeds very smoothly.

mounts and rings i have the standard rpa 2 piece weaver bases on the rpa and 30mm high tps mounts. these are superb and soild. though i would like to replace the bases with a 3rd eye tactical 10moa rail in the future.

scope and mod the scope i put on is the zeiss victory 6x24x56 with 43 rectical mildot ir. im not to keen on mildot but there pretty fine so dont get in the way and make it look cluttered. but not that fine you cant see them in the lamp. the optics are the best ive seen and at night under lamp not only can you see foxes 300 yards in the lamp but see them with superb detail.

I have put the ase cqb mod on the rpa from my winchester. i had to have the thread in the back of the mod changed by richard pope. who took the old nut out with a socket and replaced it with new nut which is the m17x1 spigot thread in side. I like this mod as it isnt to big and does a superb job at hushing the 22/250 up. size to performance i think its one of the best if not the best mod out there for 22 cf.

Accuracy Testing

ACCURACY im very happy with accuracy of the rifle. the winchester i had was accurate but this is more accurate and less fussy on col of the bullet. at the moment im using the old load from my winchester which shot superbly in this rpa. it shoots 3 shots under 1/2 i was bored so when i set it up and carried with 7 more shots into one large hole i say large it took the group to just over 1/2 in the end but that was 1st time i had shot it. untested load for this rifle though its good in the winny. and it wasnt in the best weather. i wasnt bothered i just needed it set up so i could go foxing that night.

50 grain blizkings and 35.5 grains of varget in nostler brass with cci br primers does the job well but the load i was given for it i havent had time to use it yet. im waiting on some different bullets to come into rfd. which he has on back order for me. im in no rush as the weather isnt best to test load i was given and the blizking/varget load shoots very well and scope is set for this.
5 foxes in 3 outtings from 100 yards up to 230 so more then accurate enough.

the old owner said with his load he has had many 3 shot groups to .2 so i look forward to seeing if i can shoot some that small like he has. he could just be a better shot so will have to wait and see.

being a 1 in 12 twist i can push from 40 grain bullets up to 63 grain so im told. im going to try some 60 grain vmax in the future.

In conclusion

Overall im very happy with the rifle and even though it cost £1200 secondhand with only 600 shots down the tube. i think i had a bargain compared to new price which is around £2700 these days if not more.
there is no way i would buy a new one for that price but if you can get one secondhand your onto a winner. as its got the 22/250 bolt face i can pick from a number of caliber choices in the future. ie.. 243or 243ai, 260 or 260 ai
308 etc.... or even good old 22/250 again.

Author Jamie