Surgeon 6.5x47 Lapua

A couple of weeks ago at the last BBS shoot I took delivery of a new toy, to the disgust of Gavin from Anglo custom rifles (the rifle builders) I didn’t put a single round through it that day.

The rifle a surgeon action with Jackson CG trigger and a 28” 1-8 twist border barrel finished in od green and chambered in 6.5x 47 lapua sits in an AICS stock and is topped with an 8-32 night force NXS sitting in EGW rings

The first day out I had some factory lapua rounds (noticed a price tag on the box £38 for 20 ouch) which I acquired with a set of Redding dies, a few hundred new cases and an assortment of bullet heads.

After shooting in the barrel I got down to shooting some groups with what was left of the factory rounds and some home loads using the 123 lapua scenar bullet with viht N550 and alliant Re.15 as the propellant, these shot ok but not as well as expected.

Time to Jump?

Feeling a little disappointed with the initial testing and after speaking to some people with some experience of this calibre it was suggested that I ditch the scenars and try the 123grain smk the groups instantly improved and the after some further testing I came up with a load of 37.6gns of Re.15 which gives me 2890 fps and cloverleaf’s at 200 yards when bench rested.
I entered the rifle in a McQueen’s comp and I’m happy to say the rifle performed brilliantly and took first place.

So in summary I am chuffed with my new rifle and glad I went with 6.5x47 it’s a lot more civilised to shoot in the McQueen’s than my .308 TRG.


Author Stuart